Sunday, October 18, 2009

[CRAFTS] Mini Beaded Crowns

Boy do I love making things from beads and such! A few years ago I have learned how to make little crowns from wire and beads, like the ones pictured here.

I just wanted to try it out, so that in the end I would have such a nice little accessory. I was hoping that with each little thing I made (which was/is usually jewelry stuff...) that I would get closer and closer to my ultimate goal: my first real pieces of lolita clothing.

Well, that day has yet to come still... right now I'm just going to have to make more of these cute little crowns and sell them, hopefully, so that I can purchase a real blouse at least. The one I got was a cheap one that I hoped to 'fix'. Ah ha haha... The less said about that blouse the better...

Anyway, I hope to soon get going on the crown tutorial I had promised myself I'd do this week.

I believe that no lolita is complete without having at least one crown or tiara. I have... plenty. Ha! I love collecting random things, and it so happens I collect jewelry and accessories, and other trinkets. But I always tuck them away, for another day. I never wear them, for I always tell myself to not wear it unless I am clean and well dressed.

These crowns are perfect for lolitas who wish to bring more of a 'princess' feel to her look. I say that all lolitas are princess-like anyway.

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