Monday, October 12, 2009

Blast from the Past: My First Alice Bow

Hey girls. Long time no post. I decided it was a bad idea, so I deleted the 'Princess Lessons' thing... yeah... too many people are already doing that anyway. It'll seem like I'm trying to be like them, or ripping them off. D: I don't want to do that so... Yeah, I'll just use this here blog as a personal blog about myself and my love for Lolita, like it originally was supposed to.

Anyway, today I bring... another blast from the past! Hell yeah.

So, back in 2007 or so, I thought I would take a whack at making one of those beautiful bows, right? Yeah, well, this was my first attempt. At first, I was all like: Yeah! This is awesome! This is right! But after a while I changed my mind... and it only took a whole month to realize that what I did was just wrong. BUT! I was learning! (Still am, too.)

What I learned from the ladies on EGL/Sewloli:
  • Wrong lace shape/size
  • Use grosgrain ribbon
  • Use interfacing
  • Make it not so big
  • Topstitch where we can't see it
I believe that was it. xD Here is me wearing it (where you can see me... and how really freaking huge it is, lol) :

Also I learned... BIG LOLITA NO-NO! Brush/comb hair, always!! (of course I was more

Also... opinions... should you all just call me 'Cinderella' or just by my real name? For some reason, some peoples at school started calling me Cinderella after spotting me editing this blog from school, so what do you think?

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