Thursday, July 8, 2010

Long Time No See

I do apologize for not posting more often, but if you read my main 'blog' (Read: whining journal/corner of woe) @ LiveJournal, then you would understand that I constantly beat myself up about almost every single flaw I seem to have. I'm not perfect, and the 'inner self' of mine won't let me live this down.

But it's a phase I soon hope to grow out of. I shouldn't care, but I actually do. I'm sorry. I cannot hold back anymore, and watch as dust collects.

So from now on... In order to prevent the feeling of 'must beat myself up over every single failure' - I shall post more often with things I will do everyday. It shall be my challenge. If I fail this challenge, then I will delete my blog here and just go back to the way things where before.

I try to keep my drama/life/out-of-control emotions out of my hobbies such as Lolita, ABJDs, cosplay and such... So I'll leave it at that.

Also, maybe I should rename my blog, since I think that I am unfit to 'be' a Cinderella-type person. What do you think?

My 7 Day (Lolita?) Challenge
Day 1: Reconize who you really are
Don't give into the 'bad conscience' you have. List all the things you are good at, and all the good things people had said to you. Chances are, they're probably true.

Day 2: You Are Creative
Make something. Make a wire-and-pearl crown, an alice bow or headband, anything.

Day 3: You are Kind
Say something nice/make valentines for the people you admire. Send the valentines/nice words directly to these people.

Day 4: You are Helpful
Do something that would help yourself or others, be it a task that needed to be done, an overdue chore, etc...

Day 5: You are Beautiful
Take the day off to pamper yourself, sort of like a 'princess day' - even if you already had a 'princess day' recently... do it again, and do it how you would like to. Put your hair up, dress up in some nice clothes, do it all for you, and just because you wish to do so. (Just remember that you are beautiful no matter if you're wearing rags or jeans or frills.)

Day 6: You are Adventurous/Brave
Go out and do something that you never would normally do, like taking a walk in the woods, or downtown, go sightseeing or to spend some time in a nice place you don't normally go to.

Day 7: You are Successful
Celebrate completing the whole 7 day challenge with one more task - overview what you did, and be proud of yourself that you did it. And put on a smile that, if you survived 7 days of this, you can survive doing so everyday!

Nevermind the cheesy tones... it only sounds cheesy if you have a negative-set mind like I do. lol I gotta stop doing that.

Let's just hope I can do this for once.

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