Wednesday, January 27, 2010

A thought I've been having...

Lolita and Disney land... No, bad idea. Not only will you have someone's kids following you around, thinking you're some sort of princess (it's cute but...) , but there are so many ways of getting temporarily stuck, having your dress caught on things, and blocking people's way with your massive frilly puffiness.

Also, the staff might have a problem with your wardrobe - though this might be a very slim chance, as none of the staff would know what Lolita Fashion is, or even wear it - but you might be asked to leave because they would think you're a Disney princess or something.

But this is all just me, really. I never looked up Disney meet-ups or trips on EGL (urrg... too lazy... too much effort... lol) but I guess I'm also just being paranoid.

Fantasy isn't always a good thing. See: Paranoia.

1 comment:

  1. I have always dreamed of doing a meetup at Disney World. Imagine having pictures taken at Cinderella's castle! No one would have any problem with us in Lolita.


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