Friday, February 22, 2013

Lolita Blog Carnival 22: Designing Your Dream Closet

This week's Lolita Blog Carnival is about designing your dream closet... And I am big on dreaming myself. Maybe one day it'd become reality. Though staying positive isn't something I can do for long periods of time.

Since I have to share a closet with my messy sister, there really isn't very much room to do anything, unless I clean out the clutter and get rid of junk that shouldn't be there - including old clothes that we still have for some reason. No reason other than just being a bunch of pack rats.

I only have a couple of painfully plain blouses and one skirt, but I guess we all have to start somewhere, right? (The truth about why I haven't been devoted to building a nice wardrobe - lace monsters or not - is a personal story that I can tell another day)

Obviously, the first thing I would need to do (from what I learned) is to first purchase or buy the following:
  • Long-Sleeve Blouse x 2 (white or off-white and black)
  • Short-Sleeve Blouse x 2 (white or off-white and black)
  • Skirt x 2 (white or off-white and black)
  • Petticoat x 2 (white and black)
  • Socks/Stockings/Tights x 2 (white and black)
  • Dress Shoes x 2 (white and black)
  • Nice, Practical Shoes x 2 (white and black)
After that, I can add whatever I wish. These two blouses I need to replace (or I can alter them...)

What I would definitely put in my wardrobe - if I could - is more BTSSB dresses, especially some of their older ones.

Like this one... Hawase Doll/Rose Pattern Lace Doll OP in Pink. Mostly because I saw the dress on the lead character from Kamikaze Girls - Momoko - wear it and I fell in love. The second dress is the Marie Antoinette dress I had seen one of my lolita idols (who doesn't dress in lolita anymore and deleted her blog...) wear it once in blue.
There's also some dresses that I absolutely love... that needs to be in my life right away. Such as the Saint Claire dress by Mary Magdalene. The silhouette just captured me for some reason. I think it looks really elegant.
The colors that I would have in my wardrobe... Red of course. I still love pink and white though. I have too much black. I mean, black is elegant but I really like to have more color than that. And I've been enchanted by being dressed in all white once...

Oh lawdy do I need better shoes for this fashion. I mean, I still have some nice shoes from my 'mall goth' days that can be used for the gothic side of the fashion. I was never into chains or spikes, so they never found their way on my feet. I need some nice white or ivory colored shoes too.

I am in LOVE with chunky heels, because I don't feel safe in stillettos. And if there's a platform in the front to level me out so I'm not balancing on my toes... that makes it even better.

Pleaser Women's Dolly-82 Platform Pumps... WANT.
Pleaser Women's Whimsey-115 Strappy Boot... Double Want
Those shoes would be for the gothic/gothic lolita side of my wardrobe.

And for the classic and sweet or general lolita side. I always wanted a pair of rocking horse shoes because they're cute as hell. And the granny boot... come on, they're lovely.

Aaandd... That's about it. Before I write a short novel with hefty picspam.
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  1. Really wonderful Dressing designs and shoes, it will definitely make even better walking style.Dresses also gives a great unique look to you.


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